15 September 2008

Fall Issue Submission Deadline Today!

Today at midnight is the deadline for Electric Spec to consider stories for our Fall issue, which comes out on Halloween. Stories submitted after that will be considered for our winter issue.

From what I've seen so far, the competition for the 6-7 spots in our Fall issue will be tough. We've already held 27 stories for voting, which is above average. I have not been though all those stories yet, but I know I put in a few that looked very promising. 

I didn't specifically keep track of the total number of submissions for this issue, but a fair guess would be 250 to 300 stories. So remember authors, don't get discouraged by rejections. Getting a story published in a quality magazine is really, really tough. Not only do you have to write a great story, but you also need beat out all the other great stories that other authors have submitted. Ultimately it will boil down to editors' subjective tastes and what the magazine needs for a particular issue.


Tburger said...

250-300 sounds like a huge amount. According to Jed Hartman's blog, Strange Horizons got on average about 370 stories per month in 2007, which works out to roughly 89 submissions for every slot. 300 stories for ES's six slots is about 50 per slot.

That's a little scary.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

I was thinking it was more, but it might be my procrastination. :) Dave handles intake, so he would know.