08 August 2009

2009 Sideways Award Winners

The 2009 Sidewise Awards for Alternate History were awarded at the annual World Science Fiction Convention this weekend: The winner for Best Short Form is: "Sacrifice" by Mary Rosenblum (Sideways in Crime, Solaris) and The winner for Best Long Form is: The Dragon's Nine Sons by Chris Roberson (Solaris)

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners! :)

Of course, Anticipation, the 67th Worldcon is happening right now!

Some random facts from the Saturday morning newsletter:

The con had 3120 warm bodies at the close of registration yesterday.

The Con hotel closed down four parties last night because of overcrowding and the lifts were briefly closed to slow the rush to the parties.

And the funniest: Important Notice (Water) We couldn't help but notice that some of the parties last night were, well, a bit niffy. If you are one of the people who hasn't had a shower yet this weekend, Now Is The Time. Deodorant is also good.


Betsy Dornbusch said...

Don't recall those issues from last year.

lesleylsmith said...

Such issues can be difficult to bring up.
Oh, and, there's something I've been meaning to tell you, Betsy...

:) Just kidding.

I guess Denverites and Montrealees are different animals...