24 August 2010

Coming soon: Jeanne Stein Interview

We, the Editors of Electric Spec, are very excited about our new issue which comes out one week from today on August 31, 2010! In addition to our excellent fiction, we have an interview with fabulous Urban Fantasy author Jeanne Stein. Of course, Jeanne writes the hugely popular Anna Strong Chronicles. Be sure to check out our new issue where Jeanne discusses topics including how she's achieved success, why we're seeing a resurgence in paranormal/magical worlds, unique twists in Anna's vampire mythology, the relationship between being kick-ass and sexy, and advice for writers.

And, oh yeah, the new Anna Strong novel Chosen also comes out on August 31, 2010. Congratulations, Jeanne! Awesome!

Check out Jeanne's webpage: www.jeannestein.com.

Check out Jeanne's blog with fellow Urban Fantasy author Mario Acevedo: biting-edge.blogspot.com.

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