08 November 2010

the promised update ...late

I remembered today that I promised an issue update by the end of last week...Sorry!
We, the editors, had our fabulous production meeting complete with many beers.
We duked it out and picked the stories for the November 30,2010 issue.
All authors in hold-for-voting should have heard back from us by now.
(Authors: Please email us back with the contract in a timely manner. Thanks!)
If you didn't get a story in this issue; we're sorry. It's always a tough decision and issue balance is a consideration.

All, please check out the new fabulous issue of Electric Spec on November 30, 2010!

And keep sending us your stories. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Issue balance is understandable. So far, you've held three of my stories in the past year, but they ultimately haven't made the cut. (I blame the beers...) Here's hoping my latest submission "Insight" fares better!

lesleylsmith said...

Sorry, Milo. You can take heart that if you made hold-for-voting it was good enough to be published. Writing is a tough biz. But, I don't have to tell you that!