14 December 2010

Keeping the Faith

As 2010 draws to a close, one might be tempted to review how well one did on those 'New Years Resolutions'... Did you have any resolutions related to writing? How did you do?

I already mentioned Editor Betsy's nice post there is no punchline to life but I recently came across The Day I Quit Writing by Pikes Peak Writer Mandy Houk. Mandy discovers as hard as writing is, not-writing is even more difficult.

Incidentally, Pikes Peak Writers has decided to make membership free. Check it out to improve your craft, learn about the business of writing, connect with other writers, share successes and failures, and grow as a writer.

Do you have any tips on 'Keeping the Faith'? How do you keep writing (or anything else, for that matter!) when your success isn't quite what you'd like?

Keep sending us those stories!


Catherine Stine said...

Hi-well, I did one thing that really paid off: I did Nanowrimo, and wrote 50K+ words in 27 days. I highly recommend it. You're writing so fast and furious that you can't possibly twiddle around with editing. Yes, you have a very messy first draft when you're done, but you also have a few chunks of magic, that came out because the writing was very instinctual.
Now I need to self-impose a January Nano to finsih the last 80 or so pp of the novel!

lesleylsmith said...

Ooh, Catherine! I really like the idea of self-imposed Nanos. That rocks! I might have to try it out.
Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

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