27 May 2011

Robert J. Sawyer Interview

Next week, on May 31, 2011, my interview with award-winning Science Fiction author Robert J. Sawyer comes out in our own ElectricSpec. He discusses a multitude of fascinating topics, including:
  • his hardest writing task ever
  • how he does research for his novels
  • humanity's best chance for meeting a non-human intelligence
  • his favorite character out of the hundreds he's created over the years
  • how to keep track of and interweave multiple plots/subplots
  • what science fiction should really be called
  • an impending paradigm shift in human society
  • an easy and effective way to ground a story in our here and now
  • what he learned from the world of television
  • how humanity can outlive the sun
  • his next project

Check it out!

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