04 October 2011

ambulance chasing

As writers it can be tempting to incorporate the neatest hottest trend or idea into our fiction.

flying ambulance This might be zombies or vampires or werewolves or werewolf-vampires or zombie-werewolf-vampires, or you get the idea. (Actually, some of those sound pretty fun.) Or, in the SF arena, this might be faster-than-light or potentially habitable planet discoveries.

As an editor, I'm here to say: caveat scriptor. The latest discoveries or trends can quickly be outdated. Instead, write a story from your heart. Write something you're passionate about. Notice I didn't say write what you know. It's passion on the page that makes readers (and editors!) excited about a story.

Keep sending us your stories! We appreciate your submissions!

1 comment:

Martin Willoughby said...

I like that phrase, 'ambulance chasing'. Sums it up perfectly.