24 March 2012

Naked Backstory

I FINALLY had the opportunity to watch HBO's "A Game of Thrones." I thought they did a great job adapting one of my favorite novels into a TV series. I always find it interesting to see how screenwriters transform a story from page to screen. One part of the "A Game of Thrones" screenplay I thought was fascinating was a series of scenes that were not in the book. They were, in essence, big info-dumps with backstory or world building. As we know from the writing world, info dumps are BORING. To solve this problem, the writers added something important to each of these scenes: sex. Yes, every one of these scenes had some pretty graphic sex going on during the info dump. My conclusion? These screen writers were smart. I doubt the TV audience got bored during the info dump scenes (I know I didn't!). Unfortunately, I don't think the technique would translate well back over to novels.


Charmaine Clancy said...

It's a wonder the viewers absorbed the backstory though. Most blokes would be like "Oh yeah, he's the prince he used to... big naked boobs, back in the land of... big naked boobs..."
Wagging Tales

lesleylsmith said...

Sure, you could write info-dump scenes featuring sex.. . But I think you might end up writing erotica. :)
You watched the first season just in time. You know the new season starts this Sunday night...