26 November 2013

urban fantasy coming Nov 30

The next fabulous issue of Electric Spec is almost here! I'm excited, how about you? The final two stories I'd like to brag about are two urban fantasies: "Discarded" by Miranda Suri and "At the Wave's Ebb" by Eric Del Carlo. Both of these are set on contemporary Earth and have speculative elements.

In "Discarded" modern art comes to life to help (or not) a man come to terms with his issues. Why's it titled "Discarded"? You'll just have to read it and find out. We've published Suri before. You can find her story "The New Arrival" here.

In "At the Wave's Ebb" an unusual man also has to come to terms with his issues. How's he unusual? What issues are these? Again, read it to find out. :) We've also published Del Carlo before. Check out his story "A Crowd of Possibilities" here.

A couple weeks ago I was remiss in not linking to Fredrick Obermeyer's previous story for us. Check out "The Coincidence Factory" here. We actually have another Obermeyer story, "Birth of a New Day" here. Clearly, we like Obermeyer. Hopefully, you do too.

Please check out all the new stories on November 30 2013!

Thank you in advance to all the behind the scenes folks and all the contributing authors. We couldn't have done it without you. Huzzah, for you! :)

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