28 January 2014

writing resolutions

We are working hard on the fabulous February 2014 issue of Electric Spec which will be published March 15, 2014. We have a lot of good stories in hold-for-voting so it promises to be another excellent issue. Stay tuned for more info about it in coming weeks.
Of course, we're currently accepting submissions for our marvelous May 2014 issue.

A lot of my writer friends have been telling me about their writing resolutions and goals for 2014. They are very impressive including such goals as finishing novels, publishing novels and the like. Wow! They also say sharing their goals makes them feel more accountable and hence more likely to complete their goals. I absolutely wish my ambitious writer friends the best of luck in achieving their 2014 goals.

I must admit, however, I'm not a fan of grandiose goals or resolutions, writing or otherwise. I prefer small daily assignments such as: write something new every day and every time you get a rejection, submit the piece somewhere else right away. I like assignments I can definitely complete. I guess I'm more like the turtle than the hare. But everyone's process is different. Go with what works for you.

How about it? Did you make a lot of writing resolutions and goals for 2014? Feel free to share in the comments.

Good luck with your writing in 2014!

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