03 May 2016

pulling back the curtain

The Electric Spec Editors recently had the production meeting for the marvelous May 2016 issue. Choosing amongst the lovely stories in hold-for-voting is always difficult. As I think I mentioned, we had an unusually large number of good stories in hold-for-voting. Thus, it was especially tough this time. :( Many of the stories we passed on were strongly liked by one or more editors. Take heart if you were in hold-for-voting: your story was publishable.
If you're interested in more subjective specifics regarding the meeting: the weather strongly resembled a blizzard when we met. (Yikes!)

We're in the process of emailing folks with our decisions. Yays also get a contract. Please send it back ASAP so we can start editing. Once the editor and the author agree on the story version, files still have to go to our copy-editor. Then, after we get files back from her we have to create the webpages. Yes, it's kind of an elaborate process. We also post author bios--so send those along, if relevant.

Other behind the scenes tasks include picking cover art, writing the Letter from the Editor, putting together the Editor's Corner entry. And, of course, we have to pay everyone! Please send along your paypal info. :)

We've also been encouraging authors to send along a blog entry for right here. Please consider this if you are one of our authors. I believe blog hits are around 520,000 at this point. Keep in mind that's hits accumulated over a decade. :)

Next week I'll post more specifics about delicious upcoming stories!

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