06 September 2016

fiction firsts

Huzzah! We'll be releasing a bunch of free fiction in only 4 days, count 'em 4! We told you about this fabulous fiction in our spectacular September issue of Electric Spec last week: here.
Today, we're going to try something fun. We're going to post the first lines of the fiction to entice you to read...
Can you tell which first lines go with which stories? :)
  • The knife hovered over the flesh of the baby's plump little arm.
  • The oscillator in the west wing has stopped working.
  • For a moment, Rose couldn't move.
  • Commander Aldo Kinnear sprawled on the Rec Room bench, bruised, exhausted and scared.
  • Harry’s chair rocked noisily against the wooden slats of his porch-balcony.
  • A flash of too-bright light illuminated the dead girl's face for an instant as the crime scene photographer snapped a picture.
Wow! Quite a variety! Check them all out in only 4 days! (Did I mention a new issue's coming out in 4 days?)

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