28 March 2017

don't lose heart

One of my writer friends was discouraged last week because she hasn't achieved "success." She was considering giving up writing. I think this is an issue we all wrestle with at some time or another: giving up.

I say if you give up, it is impossible to succeed. The only way to succeed is to keep trying, keep striving, keep trying to fulfill your dreams. Don't give up. Don't lose heart.

Consider adjusting your definition of success. If you can find joy in creating new characters and new adventures, isn't that success? Perhaps interacting with other writers and sharing knowledge and ideas is success. Showing your stories to your friends and family could be success.

As writers/creative people we're lucky to live in this time. There are more opportunities than ever to share our work with other people. What new amazing new idea can you come up with?

I look forward to finding out. :)

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