23 May 2017

more attractions

You've already heard about Mark Salzwedel's speculative fiction tale "The Axe" and Maureen Bowden's fantasy "The Dratt is Coming" but we have some other marvelous stories in our May 2017 issue of Electric Spec.

Nicholas Sugarman will be sharing "Corporate Robo Renegade Piston" which puts a totally new spin on corporate competition! We'll also feature "Justice Enough" by Eric Lewis, a fascinating look at justice in a fantastic world. Finally, there's "Northwest Regional" by John Sunseri, another fantastic competition, like none you've seen before...
Hmm, I may be sensing a trend here. :)

As usual, we'll showcase some fabulous original art. There will also be a fun entry in Editor's Corner from Nikki Baird.

Be sure to check it all out May 31, 2017!

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