17 July 2018

experimental fiction

The submission deadline for the awesome August 2018 issue of Electric Spec has passed--but we're taking subs for the notable November 2018 issue. :)
We've started working hard behind the scenes, reading a lot of slush. FYI-Some editors read slush all along as it comes in, some editors tend to read their pieces in the month before production starts, i.e. in this case, July, i.e. now. So, keep an eye on your inbox if you haven't heard anything from us yet.

I did read a couple very experimental pieces of fiction this time. What is experimental fiction? There are many definitions. One definition might involve the subjects/topics of the fiction not depicting reality. Experimental fiction can radically challenge the predominant norms of realism. One could say it's fiction that seeks to unsettle the reader, make them feel liberated or uncomfortable, or something else usual. I would say all this is speculative fiction.

In the cases I'm referring to, experimental fiction is fiction that does not obey the traditional rules of prose such as sentences and paragraphs. Language may not conform to standard rules of syntax, meaning, punctuation. There might be unusual typography. Possibly it does not even contain a narrative.
In my opinion, there is absolutely a place for this kind of experimental fiction in human artistic expression. I love creativity! It is very likely it is entirely appropriate for the realm of speculative fiction.
However, if the editor can't tell what the heck is going on... It's a pass.

Anyone care to comment on experimental fiction that they loved? That they hated?

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