17 September 2019

Slush Suggestions

We, the Electric Spec Editors, have started the first steps to create our notable November issue. Job one is going through slush. Thus, I have some suggestions...
  • Do follow our rules.
    • Submit an rtf file as an attachment.
    • Do include a cover letter.
    • Do include some variant of 'Submission' on the subject line.
  • Consider length. What is the perfect length for your story.
    • Even though we accept flash, it's very difficult to tell a story in less than a thousand words.
    • Editors don't like long stories because it's more work for us.
    • I don't think readers like stories over six thousand words, either. It's a big committment.
  • Make your page one awesome! This includes
    • minimal spelling mistakes,
    • minimal grammar mistakes.
    • Consider an attention-grabbing, possibly telling, first sentence.
    • Make sure your writing is smooth, not awkward.
    Sadly, if page one isn't good...we don't always read to page two.
A very helpful writing tip I received some time ago is: consider reading your work out loud. You can read it to yourself, or someone else can read it to you. This can really pinpoint where a story is working and where it's not. Where does the reader stumble? That might be a grammar problem. Does the story sound smooth? If not, how can you modify it?

Whatever your writing method(s), thank you for submitting your stories! Good luck!

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