13 October 2020

Showing and Telling

Wow! The Electric Spec submisison deadline for the notable November issue is coming up fast! October 15, 2020! Get those stories in! We are hard at work reading the stories in our in-boxes. Thanks for sending us your stories. We have been receiving more and more stories in the last couple years (Yay!) but consequently our response time has increased. However, it cannot be more than three-and-a-half months, since we publish quarterly.

You may have heard the writing rule: 'Show, don't tell.' Like all writing rules, take this with a grain of salt. In general, however, fiction should include both showing and telling. The relative amount of showing and telling depends on the market. You can see the relative amounts of showing and telling by reading Electric Spec's (free!) past stories. We need some showing. In fact, I rejected a story recently that was all telling. Another market might have chosen it; but we would not.

Good luck with your showing and/or telling!

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