08 December 2020

Woo hoo! November 2020 issue!

Woo hoo! We're still reveling in the awesome November 2020 issue of Electric Spec!
What's your favorite story?
  • "Face the World" by Jamie Lackey--Our near-future tech story of the issue. Being able to portray any emotion whether you mean it or not might seem like the perfect answer to navigating the dating scene--until you try it.
  • "Healing the Unicorn" by Maureen Bowden--A classic high-spirited fantasy romance. We've published Maureen's stories before, but she seems to have really found her writer's voice in this one.
  • "Mija" by John Visclosky--A literal take on what it means to give your heart away. I'm not crying, you're crying!
  • "Frost" by Dor Atkinson--The tale of a small prophecy that is a long, long time in the making. And an unexpected ending to what might seem like a simple ghost story on the surface.
  • "Love Me Tinder" by Sarina Dorie--Okay, maybe this one is more like the transition story from Halloween into winter, but still a high-energy story, and maybe Tinder's not exactly the territory of "love" but it's as close as you might expect to get if you're a demon spider.

Thank you to our artist, authors, and staff! Woo hoo!

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