08 November 2009

Just a note:

We've been reading submissions. It looks like we're caught up to the first of October. We try hard to keep about a month out on stories - or less, when we can. We're writers too, we know we like to get quick responses. But when we're putting together an issue we tend to lag. So sorry for any delay!

It's odd how styles seem to run in groups. I'd say by far and away my biggest reason for rejection in this set was because the stories didn't quite flow like a story should. Sometimes I had a hard time just figuring out what the story was about or labeling a protagonist and antagonist. We like clear protagonists with clear goals, obstacles, and conflict. It can be as simplistic or as heavily themed as you like, but give me somebody to root for and make me worry they won't achieve their goal.

Anyway, I'd like to get through more slush this week, but writing and life goals are coming upon me with brute force, so it might be awhile. Thanks to everyone who's submitting and keep them coming. Also, feel free to submit to the First Page Game. Heck, send me your NaNo first pages, even. It's just plain fun.

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fairyhedgehog said...

Asking for Nano first pages? That could be painful!

I'd love to submit mine but only once I've had a go at editing it. What I've got now isn't even a first draft; it's what you have to have before you can produce a first draft!