13 November 2009

Science Fiction influences European Space Agency

Jim Gunn was kind enough to pass along this very interesting article the European Space Agency put together in which they "review the past and present science fiction...to identify and asses innovative technologies and concepts described therein which could possible be developed further for space applications."
The report includes:
  • Introduction
  • A Touch of Science in Your Fiction
  • The Allure of Vinyl Space Suits
  • A Few Thoughts about Ideas and Images in Science Fiction
  • The Exploration of Space by Artists and Writers
  • Summary of Science-Fiction Concepts
    • Propulsion Techniques
    • Colonization of Space
    • Energy and Power
    • Computers and Communications
    • Robotics and Cyborgs
    • Launch Systems
    • Resources and Materials
    • Other Technologies

  • Appendices

The 48-page pdf article can he found here. Maybe it will inspire you!


Chris M said...

The future of human space exploration looks bleak. After making great leaps 50 years ago, stagnation has taken over. No human has left Earth orbit in 37 years, and NASA's current unambitious goals look to be further delayed or scaled back.


Betsy Dornbusch said...

That's what fighting wars and trying to bring democracy to the world will get you.

lesleylsmith said...

Canada guy, I agree it's bleak. ;(

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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