22 July 2010


Yes, we've been quiet here at the Electric Spec blog. Sorry about that, but we've been hard at work behind the scenes, starting to put together the new August 31, 2010 issue. We've been finishing up the slush that got in before the deadline in preparation for our production meeting at the beginning of August. Thus, by August 7, you should hear from us regarding rejections (sorry!), or acceptances (yeah!). I've also been working on an interview with fabulous Urban Fantasy author Jeanne Stein.

By now you know the story deadline for this issue has passed, but we're taking submissions for our November 30, 2010 issue. Good luck with those subs! :)

In other news, we updated the Electric Spec URLs. You can now also get to the ezine via www.electricspec.net, www.electricspec.org, and www.electricspec.info.

1 comment:

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