13 September 2010

Colorad Gold post mortem

I think a good time was had by all at Colorado Gold this past weekend. Thank you RMFW for organizing such an awesome conference! We Electric Spec Editors particularly appreciate those of you who were brave enough to paticipate in the short story workshop on Friday afternoon. We hope our comments were helpful and we wish you success with your stories. We also appreciate the folks who came to Short Story and Beer Friday night in the bar. We had a rousing discussion of what makes a story good...or not. :)

Thanks, too, to the folks who Focus on Short Fiction on Sunday morning. For those of you who were there (and those who weren't) Editor Betsy reminded us about her First Page Contest here on the blog. Please send the first page of your story to our submissions email: submissions@electricspec.com with "First Page Game" in the subject line and Betsy (and others?) will critique your anonymous first page. For my promised market info, keep reading.

Also on Sunday Betsy and I were pulled in to help on another panel with authors Mario Acevedo and Jeanne Stein, 'The Long and Short of it--Does Size Really Matter?' We were talking about fiction, of course, and I'm not sure we answered the question--What do you think? Is long fiction better or short? :) I mentioned some market info and promised to put it on the blog so here it is:

Regarding Short Fiction Markets; the web has a lot of (too many?) resources.


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