07 September 2010

Huzzah for Hugos!

As many of you know, the 2010 Hugo Awards were announced this weekend at Aussiecon 4.
And the winners are...
  • Best Novel: TIE: The City & The City, China MiĆ©ville (Del Rey; Macmillan UK); The Windup Girl, Paolo Bacigalupi (Night Shade)
  • Best Novella: “Palimpsest”, Charles Stross (Wireless; Ace, Orbit)
  • Best Novelette: “The Island”, Peter Watts (The New Space Opera 2; Eos)
  • Best Short Story: “Bridesicle”, Will McIntosh (Asimov’s 1/09)

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!

Read more about it at: www.thehugoawards.org.

Was anyone there? I'd love to read some comments about it...


Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!

Catherine Stine said...

I wasn't there, but thanks for the rundown--must add these to my booklist! I did see China M last year, talking about his THE CITY book. Fascinating mind!