12 May 2015

Author Betsy

I bet you were expecting preview of coming attractions for the marvelous May 31, 2015 issue of Electric Spec. This is a preview of coming attractions! In Editor's Corner this time, we are lucky enough to get chapter one of Author (and Electric Spec Editor) Betsy Dornbusch's new hardback novel Emissary. W00t! I've starting reading it and "ooh la la!" it's good. And I am totally objective. I objectively recommend it.

For those of you who only know of Betsy's editing expertise, she has several books out. There's Exile in hardback and trade paperback. I was even blurbed: "From the first line ("Cut her throat. His own wife."), readers of Betsy Dornbusch's Exile know they are in for a dramatic and exciting tale.... Any reader who joins her for the ride will be glad they did. Lesley Smith".
There's Archive of Fire, of which Author Aaron Michael Ritchey said "Archive of Fire is Supernatural on steroids." She also has a secret (oops!) identity as Ainsley, author of speculative erotica including Lost Prince, Quenched with E.C. Stacy, and Quencher with E. Cameron Stacy.
Anyway, my point is, Author Betsy knows what she's doing. Check her stuff out.

Here at Electric Spec we support authors. That's the whole reason we started the 'zine a decade ago. So, also coming up in the next issue will be Editor Betsy's fun interview of Author Roberto Calas! I can't wait!

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