26 May 2015

new issue in 5 days!

We have a new issue of Electric Spec coming out in 5 days! You already heard from Author K.C. Griffin about her story "Mass Exodus" and know we'll be featuring chapter one of Emissary by Author Betsy Dornbusch. I believe we also bragged about Editor Betsy's Interview with Roberto Calas. We have a bunch of other neat stuff...

Author Jim Breyfogle tells us about "Sowing Peace" in his epic fantasy; you'll never think about a graveyard in the same way after reading this. Author Jessica Kelly explains how to take advantage of people's lack of attention to "Details" in her macabre tale.

We also have some science fiction. Author Malcolm Laughton makes us realize being an "Ageless Rock Star" is not as wonderful as it sounds. In "Cruising in an Event" Author George Schaade shows us the adventures of a father-daughter team in a chaotic world.

Be sure to check it all out on May 31, 2015!

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