27 October 2015

more spookiness

We have such a lovely treasure trove of spooky stories I couldn't resist sharing more...
  • In "Frazee" by Patricia Russo, we see two extremes: how far people are willing to go in the name of magic power, and how far they are willing to go to save the ones they love.
  • For those of you are looking for more chill than the winter weather can provide, "Her Pale Smile" by Simon Kewin will leave you with just the right kind of tingles.
  • "Stiltskin" by Samantha Boyette is a tale that explores just how far a father will go to preserve his family in a bleak future.
  • Another thriller for sci-fi readers is Joe Ollinger's "10,000 Bones", an extraterrestrial noir tale that will shake you to your . . . er, bones.
  • Jennifer Crow's "Strange Notes from Underground" will send chills up your spine that probably originated from deep below your feet.
  • In "A Page of Skulls," Tony Peak tells a dark tale of a dark and magnificently strange world.
Happy Halloween!

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