08 December 2015

good stuff

Wow! The new issue of Electric Spec has a lot of good stuff in it! Have you finished perusing it? If so, you must have gleaned many interesting facts...
  • How many stories have we published in the last decade?
  • What famous author is part of our tech support team?
  • Why did we start Electric Spec?
  • What gets a story sold?
  • Who or what is Itsumi in Levenson's story?
  • How does Jillian survive in Miller's story?
  • What cause's Taylor's change of heart in Boden's story?
  • What in the world happens to Bobby at the end of Grey's story?
  • What does Sheri do to Molly in DeHaan's story?
  • Who or what is Doyle in Smith's story?
  • What motivates the character Li-lin in Boroson's novel The Girl with Ghost Eyes?
Don't know the answers to all of these questions? Maybe you better check-out the issue again! :)

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