17 November 2020

from Author Dorie

Greetings, Readers! The new issue of Electric Spec is getting closer...
We're excited to share the dark fantasy "Love Me Tinder" by Sarina Dorie with you. Here's what she has to say about it:

Often life inspires fiction. Even though this story is a quirky fantasy with dark humor, I am often inspired by things that happen in real life. Because I like to write about witches, monsters, and fantastical creatures, I always put a fantasy or science fiction twist on real-life inspiration.

For this story, I was inspired by real life situations like Tinder. At the time I wrote this, I was teaching high school and my students were often on online websites on their phone instead of participating in class activities. When I wrote this story, I had caught one of my students on Tinder. Probably students shouldn’t have even been on Tinder because the age minimum is 18 years old, but that’s a separate issue. That incident was one of the starting points for this story.

Other inspiration for this story was that I used to live in Japan. I taught English there for two years. There are a lot of single young people. I had several Japanese acquaintances who were single women and unmarried. It was hard for them to date, more so than women here because of cultural values that made them feel like it was taboo to ask men out. In 2007, Internet dating was another taboo. Several Japanese women I met liked dating American men because foreigners do things that are considered chivalrous, like opening doors for women and giving them gifts. I was told by one Japanese woman, that isn’t part of their culture, so it is novel and exciting.

But there are also cultural differences that make interracial dating daunting. Americans are very cavalier and unguarded in conversation topics, so I wanted to include that kind of faux pas in the story.

Also while living in Japan, I learned about Japanese mythology and monsters, like the jorogumo, a spider woman. I have written several stories about jorogumo because I find spiders to be creepy. In my series, Womby’s School for Wayward Witches, one of the characters is secretly a jorogumo and hiding her true heritage. Probably I will write more jorogumo stories in the future as well.

The last piece of inspiration was that I had been writing about a male character who was obsessed with monster women and a female character obsessed with monster men. In the stories with Darwin, the male point of view character, he wants to date a monster, but they always beat him up in the end—sometimes intentionally, sometimes accidentally. They are all stand-alone stories but also build as a series. I wrote this story through the female monster’s point of view.

Someday I hope to sell all the stories in the series and then put them together in one collection.

Wow! Thanks, Sarina!
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