03 November 2020

Production Meeting Report

The Electric Spec editors recently had the production meeting for the notable November 2020 issue! In keeping with the state of the world, this was a virtual meeting. Yes, we are getting good at those! All the editors had their feline assistants in attendance. There may or may not have been a reappearance of swallowed grass. (What is it about cats and video meetings?)

We mostly agreed on stories this time around, with a couple of exceptions. Suffice it to say, we came to an agreement pretty quickly. Not surprisingly, none of us were excited about publishing grim, depressing stories. So, writers: take note, moving forward.

All unsuccessful writers have been emailed with the bad news. :( Successful authors will hear back from us soon, if they haven't already. Return those contracts quickly, so we can start editing stories. Consider writing a post for this very blog. The online issue construction has begun.

For some reason, for each issue, it seems a story or two goes awry between the author and the editors. I don't know why this is. But, if you submitted before Oct 16 and didn't hear from us, please resubmit. If you got a rejection, don't lose heart; please resubmit.

Hopefully, by the time the November 2020 issue comes out, things will be going better with the world. Good luck to all of us!

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