15 August 2008

Why submit to Electric Spec?

As an author, it is hard to know where to submit your work, especially if you've already tried the pro-rate markets.  At Electric Spec, we encourage authors to do their market research before submitting work. Lots of great magazines are out there, but there are also lots of, well, not so great magazines. Electric Spec stands out from other markets because:
--We pay for stories and artwork
--We don't have slush readers. At least one of our editors looks at every story that comes in
--We've been around for over three years--and we've never missed an issue, deadline, or author payment
--We actually edit the stories we publish. Our experienced editors work with authors to make their stories the best they can possibly be. Many magazines out there don't do that--and it shows
--We have a quick turn around time. We turn send out rejections in 30-40 days. Acceptances take longer, but we will let you know if your story is in the running (i.e. held for voting) in that same 30-40 day time frame.
-- We have a very respectable circulation: around 11,000 views per issue
--We love authors because we're authors, too. All of the editors are published speculative fiction authors.

Obviously, we're not the right market for every story, but we might be the right market for you! 

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lesleylsmith said...

What interesting info, Dave. ;) Authors, I posted this info on the www.electricspec.com Submissions page.