09 August 2008

WorldCon Day 3

I started day 3 with SF Magazine Publication and Market Share with Bradford Lyau, Scott Edelman, Sheila Williams, and Stanley Schmidt. They assured us SF p-zines are alive and well, with loyal subscribers. Also, the p-zines have a larger market share than the average novel. Interesting!

Then I went to Quantum Mechanics, Future Technologies, and Parallel Worlds with Kay Kenyon, Todd Brun, and Will McCarthy. This was a free-ranging discussion of some cutting-edge physics. The audience was very enthusiastic about the topic.

Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch claim The Secret of Being a Published Fiction Writer is: write, finish, don't rewrite, submit, repeat. They said you should write a short story or novel chapter every week! Based on their advice, I anticipate a slew of submissions. :)

Fabulous fantasy author Carol Berg gave a very nice Reading of her new project Unholy Alliance.

The Electric Spec happy hour party went very well. Thank you very much to everyone that came! We met lots of new prospective writers and readers. And then, the partying continued...

The Analog/Asimov's party in the SFWA suite was particularly nice, with fancy cakes featuring cover art!

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