18 January 2022


The submission deadline for the fabulous February 2022 issue of Electric Spec has passed. If you submitted: Thank you! You will hear back from us in early Feb at the latest.
We are planning the next production meeting. We are deep, deep into the slush pile.

As I read stories, I am strongly reminded of the importance of market. Electric Spec is a market for short speculative fiction. The editors of Electric Spec have some subjective opinions about short speculative fiction. If you read past issues of Electric Spec (all free!) you will learn what we like in our particular market. Other markets like other stuff.

Stories for our market must include some kind of speculative element. Stories must include at least one point-of-view character. We do not like many hundreds of consecutive words of descriptions. Personally, I do not like a lot about hair. We do not like many hundreds of consecutive words of telling. We do like showing. We do like unique situations/worlds/problems/creatures.
We also don't like it when you don't obey our submission and/or formatting guidelines.

Good luck with your submissions!

11 January 2022

submission deadline Jan 15

Wow! Time flies. We are already approaching the submission deadline for the first Electric Spec issue of 2022. The deadline for the fabulous February 2022 issue is: January 15, 2022. Please get those stories in for consideration.

We have already been working hard behind the scenes on the slush pile. There are lots of nice stories. We should have another great issue in February 2022.

If you're submitting: good luck!

14 December 2021

Happy Holidays!

At Electric Spec we're taking some time off for the holidays.
We wish you and yours:

07 December 2021

From Author Merriam

One of the stories we are pleased to feature in the November 2021 issue of Electric Spec is "The Most Wonderful Time" by Michael Merriam. I think it's our first official holiday story. Michael shares a few words with us about it.

I originally wrote "The Most Wonderful Time" as a spoken-word piece.

Here in Minneapolis there is an open mic event called Not-So-Silent Planet, which is a science fiction, fantasy, horror open mic. Typically the monthly event is themed, and the theme that month was "Holidays". I knew there would be plenty of holiday horror stories (and I was not wrong), and I really wanted to write a space opera story. I felt like you don't see holidays depicted in science fiction and wanted to write a fun piece.

The monthly show also included a challenge line to be integrated; "That's when Uncle Jeff chimed in." This was great fun because a few years back a friend of my brother-in-law - named Jeff - got into an argument with my wife at Christmas and he said to me, "You need to control your woman." at which point my wife stood up and sent him scrambling to get away. It was too good not to add.

I'm pleased to present you with "The Most Wonderful Time," one of the funnest stories I've written.

Very interesting! Thanks a lot, Michael!
Be sure to check out all the stories in the November 2021 issue!

30 November 2021

Huzzah! It lives!

Huzzah! The excellent November 2021 issue of Electric Spec is live!

We need to thank our excellent cover artist and authors. Hurray for our creatives!
We need to thank our excellent editors and tech staff. Thank you for all your hard work!
And most of all, we need to thank our readers! Woo hoo! We wouldn't exist without you!
Thank you, everyone!

23 November 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're taking a couple days off for the holiday...

Coming next week, November 30, 2021, a new issue of Electric Spec!

16 November 2021

Nov 2021 TOC Sneak Peak!

We are getting very excited about the upcoming issue of Electric Spec! Here's a sneak peak at the Table of Contents:
  • The Tasting by D.A. D'Amico
  • A Perfect Day for Monkeyfish by Richie Narvaez
  • Willa's Gambit by L.J. Lacey
  • The Universal Rule of Doors by Calie Voorhis
  • The Exorcism of Lily Quinn by Claire Schultz
  • The Most Wonderful Time by Michael Merriam
Check out all the stories on November 30, 2021!