30 November 2021

Huzzah! It lives!

Huzzah! The excellent November 2021 issue of Electric Spec is live!

We need to thank our excellent cover artist and authors. Hurray for our creatives!
We need to thank our excellent editors and tech staff. Thank you for all your hard work!
And most of all, we need to thank our readers! Woo hoo! We wouldn't exist without you!
Thank you, everyone!

23 November 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're taking a couple days off for the holiday...

Coming next week, November 30, 2021, a new issue of Electric Spec!

16 November 2021

Nov 2021 TOC Sneak Peak!

We are getting very excited about the upcoming issue of Electric Spec! Here's a sneak peak at the Table of Contents:
  • The Tasting by D.A. D'Amico
  • A Perfect Day for Monkeyfish by Richie Narvaez
  • Willa's Gambit by L.J. Lacey
  • The Universal Rule of Doors by Calie Voorhis
  • The Exorcism of Lily Quinn by Claire Schultz
  • The Most Wonderful Time by Michael Merriam
Check out all the stories on November 30, 2021!

09 November 2021

Nov 2021 Cover Sneak Peak!

We are excited to feature art by Luke Starkweather for the Nov 2021 Electric Spec cover. He shared "The Geistwyrm of Bell Keep" with us:

Neat! Check out his bio on our Artists page. Check the whole issue on November 30, 2021!

02 November 2021

Marvelous Meeting of Production!

Over the weekend we had a marvelous meeting of production! (Yes! I am trying to come up with a unique title.) At least 3 feline assistants were present, including a spooky black cat. Meow! Meow! Here, in the Rocky Mountain region, the weather was quite winter-y, however, so we decided to meet virutally (hence the cats). I may, or may not, have worn a witch's costume, but in no way is that indicative of my personality. :) We had a nice discussion about all the stories and came up with six to-be-published, including one holiday story. We also had a nice discussion about art work and decided on a very neat piece. Stay tuned and I'll show you an art preview here later in the month.

Thus, all authors who submitted for the notable November 2021 issue should have heard back from us by now. Authors of accepted stories should have received an initial email from your editor, including a contract. Please send back the contract ASAP, so we can start working on your story! Yes, we are excited! I hope accepted authors will also take us up on the offer to blog--stay tuned for that, as well.

I did hear back from some authors already and very much appreciate their alacrity and enthusiasm! Woo hoo! Thank you, authors.

If you submitted a story, but it wasn't accepted: Thank you, author! We appreciate you, as well!

Starting next week, I'll start previewing the new issue here. Should be fun!