24 May 2007

More on Rob Sawyer

Betsy did a very nice job summarizing Rob's workshop this past weekend. Thanks, Bets!

I've been pondering what he said over the last few days. Two things he said really resonated with me:
  1. Written fiction the only medium in which you become someone else.
  2. Novels that become hugely popular and/or stand the test of time have big themes.

Regarding the first point: Wow! He is totally right. I am a voracious reader, a writer, and an editor and I still hadn't put this together. Kudos, Rob!
Regarding the second point: I also totally agree with this. My favorite novels work on multiple levels. I must admit I also try to do this with my writing. Possibly this is related to my writing paradigm; I do tend to think of 'big ideas' first, and then consider what character would be best-suited to tell this story.

In ElectricSpec news: Our May 31 issue of ElectricSpec is almost ready!

Please continue to send us your fiction for the Sept. 30 issue. Anyone got any 'big theme' pieces? I'd love to see them!

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