28 June 2007

I love time travel, but....

We've been poring through the new stories folks have been kind enough to send us at Electric Spec. Thank you very much, by the way! Recently I read a time travel story, but sadly, I had to pass on it. I LOVE time travel. However if you are at all familiar with the history of science fiction, time travel has been done to death.

I would love to see a time travel story with a twist and a dramatic human element. Actually, a good example of this in recent times is the novel The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffeneger. The twist here is the protag has a genetic disorder that makes him time travel, and he cannot control it. Take note: the time travel does NOT work in the standard way. The dramatic element is the story is actually a LOVE story between the time traveler and his wife. Take note: the novel is NOT primarily about time travel; it is about the love story. Of course, the time travel is an integral part of the story, which is why I enjoyed it. :)

What dramatic human element/situation can you fix/solve using non-standard time travel as a MEANS (not an end)?

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