04 September 2007

New Issue coming up!

We've got a great new issue taking shape behind the scenes here at E-spec, EIGHT new stories, and an interview with science fiction writer Barth Anderson.

After a year-and-half in business, we're enjoying higher readership and greater publicity . We feel our stories are among the best out there, and the quality of submissions proves it!

Sometimes people ask me what we look for, and this time around, the editorial staff had a discussion about what our magazine is about. If you read past issues, I think you'll notice we like our speculative fiction to address the trials, challenges, and dilemmas of our real world. This is not to say the entire magazine is futuristic sci fi or urban fantasy, or even that literary themes must revolve around global issues. But we do enjoy stories that give us something to relate to amid creative speculative elements, be it resolving endless religious wars or dealing with grief over the loss of a spouse. I think you'll see our preferences reflected in this upcoming issue.
Don't forget to join us September 30th for an exciting new issue!

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