24 October 2007

Make Sense

I can't disagree with what Dave blogged yesterday. Still, all of us editors are somewhat different, and it is the luck of the draw who you get when you send a submission to Electric Spec. Recently, I rejected a story that did not make sense. The laws of physics were violated and if one were to accept the premises of the story, earth would be uninhabitable. Personally, I get very cranky when the laws of physics are violated. The other editors probably don't care as much. However, if a story is internally inconsistent that's an automatic rejection.

Thus, writers, please write stuff that makes sense. :)

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Betsy Dornbusch said...

FYI, I always send good stories with physics to our resident physicist for fact-checking. So don't think you're getting off easy just because you're getting this most unscientific editor