07 August 2008

Denvention Day 2 -- David's Additions

I wanted piggyback on Lesley's post regarding the short fiction panel. One author on the panel said that she feels more people read her stories that are published in (free) ezines than in big circulation print mags like Asimov's. Why? She said it is much easier for people to access web stories than those in print mags. The hits on her website go way up the day she publishes a story in an electronic mag, but not much change for print.

Also, the panel seemed to agree that two or three great stories--wherever they are published--can really launch an author's career. A great story on a small webzine can create a huge buzz on the web and in the blogosphere.

Finally, Sheila Williams, Asimov's editor, said that publication credits at a respected e-zine do make her more optimistic about a story that comes her way. Obviously, the story itself matters the most, but sales to an e-zine indicate that the author knows what he or she is doing.

So, get those stories in to Electric Spec! It could be a launching pad for your career. (Just remember us when your famous).

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