11 March 2009

Writing on Reading; The Robe

Lloyd C. Douglas wrote The Robe in 1942, but I was still able to find a copy a my local library. I think it is pretty impressive that a novel that was very popular when it was released more than 60 years ago is still in enough demand to be kept on the library shelf.

The Robe is about the son of a Roman Senator who takes part in the crucification of Jesus and later converts to Christianity. The novel has some flaws: it has some strange POV shifts, its a bit slow at points, it has historical inaccuracies, and at times it comes off as a bit preachy. Even so, it held my interest. The protagonist and especially the protagonist's slave are interesting, compelling characters. In addition, Douglas has a way with words. In fact, the book made me wonder if we've lost something in 2009 that we had way back in 1942. Some of the sentences and phrases in the novel had a different tone and feel than what we see today. A bit more formal, but also more precise and elegant. 


lesleylsmith said...

You are one well-read dude. What prompted you to read this one? Are you working on a historical piece? A religious piece? Personally, I just read "Kitty Raises Hell" by Carrie Vaughn--it was very good. And, no, I'm not working on a werewolf piece. :)

David E. Hughes said...

There was a reference to "The Robe" in "Writing the Breakout Novel," so I thought I'd check it out.

lesleylsmith said...

What did you glean from "Writing the Breakout Novel"? Consider blogging about it. :)

writtenwyrdd said...

I read that book the first time when I was thirteen and loved it. I've read it a couple of times since. The message is too preachy (I'm not even Christian); but the writing is lovely and the characters compelling.

I have to say though that I prefer the newer styles of writing these days. Perhaps because I'm used to it. but I have a hard time reading older literature now and doubt I could read The Robe today without feeling bored and frustrated.

And note my word veri, an interesting almost-latin offering: SUCTIO