10 November 2009

Writing on Reading: The Ghosts of Belfast

This review may be a bit biased because Stewart Neville is not only an Electric Spec author but also an incredibly nice and generous guy. He was kind enough to help us with our website and downed quite a few beers with me and the other E-spec editors at MileHi Con.

So, of course, I got my signed, hardback copy and began reading soon after I got back from MileHicon.

Despite my affiliation with Stewart, I admit I was a bit skeptical when I started the The Ghosts of Belfast. After all, it probably isn't the kind of book I'd typically pick out at the book store. It is shelved in the "crime" section despite having speculative elements. And the premise is dark: the protagonist is haunted by ghosts who will not let him rest until he has avenged their deaths. So, lots of blood and bullets in this one.

Nonetheless, Ghosts really grew on me as I read along. Stewart made me care about his protagonist, despite his many flaws. The book is very tightly written, with good imagery, tension, and character building throughout. By the end, I couldn't wait to find out how the story would finally be resolved, and when I finished I wondered when the next one was coming out.

The sign of a good tale, if you ask me.

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Betsy Dornbusch said...

The next one is good too. :)