31 August 2010

New Issue and a Little Bit More About "The Devotion Egg"

Check out our new issue! I hope you'll love the new stories as much as I do.

When we started Electric Spec five years ago, the editors debated about whether to throw in some of our own stories. Eventually, we decided the pros outweigh the cons and started Editor's Corner. The price was right because we didn't have to pay ourselves for the story. Also, we tend to like each other's stories, so we thought our readers might like them, too. On the other hand, I still feel a little chagrin when talking about a story in a magazine I edit. After all, it didn't go through the same screening process that the other stories in the issue did.

That being said, I thought I'd write a little bit about "The Devotion Egg" It's kind of an unusual story for me in that I started with a theme idea rather than a plot. I wanted to see how much I could pull apart love from sexual desire. (I know, it's been explored before). I found it really hard starting with a theme because the plot came together really slowly. I ended up doing more drafts of this story than any other I've worked on. At times it was a frustrating process. My first draft didn't really resemble my last draft at all, but I was happy with the way the plot and theme ended up enforcing each other and just how far I was able to take my original idea. If you have questions or comments about the story, post in a comment and I'll respond.

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lesleylsmith said...

I think this is a really nice story, Dave. You achieved your goal of looking at love separate from sexual desire. So, do you think you'll write more stories using this theme-technique or is it just too painful? :)