06 September 2010

Electric Spec @ Colorado Gold

If you've ever wanted to meet the Electric Spec editors live and in person, stop on by the Colorado Gold Conference sponsored by Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers in Denver this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Bets, Lesley, and I are offering three workshops: Short Story Intensive; Focus on Short Fiction, and (our favorite) Short Story and a Beer. One of the really fun things about these conferences is it gives us a chance to meet some of our writers and readers. We also love helping writers improve their craft and increase the chances of their story being selected by Electric Spec or another magazine.

p.s. You may recognize Bets or me for our Blogger pictures, but Lesley doesn't really look like the Pillars of Creation nebula, so she may be a bit tougher to pic out of the crowd.


lesleylsmith said...

I disagree. I look exactly like the Pillars of Creation nebula. :)
Actually the pciture is called the Pillars of Creation but they are gas columns in the Eagle Nebula (M16).

David E. Hughes said...

Hey--I thought you'd be impressed that I had some clue what it was.

lesleylsmith said...

Yes. I was actually quite surprised. :) How did you know?