30 November 2010

Why Write?

As 2010 (and November's NaNoWriMo!) draws to a close I'm starting to wonder: Why write? Does anyone else wonder this? Did you fulfill your writing goals for 2010? For November 2010? Why or why not? What do you get out of writing? Sales? If not, what?

Editor Betsy had an interesting post in mid-November somewhat related to this: there is no punchline to life, in which she outlines some of the reasons she writes including making friends, being creative, improving her skills, growing as a person, etc.
It's a helpful post if you start to 'lose the faith'.

Followers of Electric Spec know today is a red letter day for us: we are officially a quarterly 'zine! Huzzah!
Some people who have achieved a punchline of sorts are the authors we feature in Today's New Issue of Electric Spec: RJ Astruc, Miranda Suri, Grey Freeman, Jude-Marie Green, Josh Pearce. Please go check out their stories. They rock!

Thank you to all the authors who have submitted to us. Thank you to all the readers who read us. Without all these folks, we wouldn't exist. We appreciate you.
Thank you, too, to our behind the scenes, tech folks, etc. We appreciate you, too! :)

And now...to work on the next issue.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! What a gorgeous issue. I'm enjoying all the stories, not just mine.

--Jude-Marie Green

Betsy Dornbusch said...


Milo James Fowler said...

Looking forward to reading this fresh batch. And, speaking of writing goals: Write1Sub1