20 February 2011

What Do You Want to Know?

 Sometimes I feel like I'm just casting around for topics. I write on stuff that interests me, but whether it interests you I've no idea. So I'm inviting questions. Any and all are welcome. I'll answer in posts. Maybe if we're lucky, my esteemed partners will chime in as well!

I'm also inviting first page submissions for critique. That's an open invitation, but I forget to mention it. I'll critique your first page here on the blog. I'm happy to keep it anonymous; just let me know in the cover letter. Rules are here. 

New issue NEXT MONDAY!!! waaahoooo!


Mike said...

shoot, I sent a flashfic to electricspec, but maybe could have run it by you here first? Or not. A thought anyway. Have a good week!

Betsy Dornbusch said...

Let us get it through slush. If it gets rejected, then feel free to resubmit to the game and we'll take a look. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you asked, Betsy! What do you think of *Game of Thrones*? I see HBO will be airing it as a grand series in April. I want to know if the books are worthwhile reading. I think the author is George RR Martin. Thanks for any input! Also, maybe David has some feedback since Martin is one of his fav authors.

Oh, and kudos on your upcoming ESpec issue. I'm sure it'll be fab-u-loso!