27 November 2012

new issue soon

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Our brand new November 30, 2012 issue of Electric Spec is almost here! What fun stuff does this issue have? Well, I'll tell you...
  • Lest they Drink and Forget the Law by Malon Edwards A story of a unique character on a unique world who gets herself into a sticky situation.
  • Wolfshead by L. Young A new twist on the werewolf story.
  • Ximena by D.L. Young (no relation to the above author). A foreward-looking business woman tries to fulfill one of her dreams.
  • A Magician's Silver by Jesse Knifley Epic fantasy at its best, as magicians compete for a prize but find something even more valuable.
  • Special Feature: Author Interview of Rebecca Taylor A supernatural YA author tells us about her work and her journey.
  • Editors Corner: The Last Car in Town by Lesley L. Smith When our society transforms, some things will remain the same.
Check it out at the end of this week!

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