18 September 2013

Colorado Gold 2013

You all may or may not know all the editors of Electric Spec are members of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers (RMFW). This weekend is the big annual writers conference. I highly recommend it. Editor and Author Betsy Dornbusch has several events on Friday Sept 20:
  • 1 pm Visiting Author Panel with Margaret George, Rob Thurman, and Ronald Malf
  • 3 pm The New age of Noir and Pulp
  • Dinner table host with Rob Thurman
  • 8 pm Book Signing: Friday Night. Open to the public.
Notice the book signing/selling at the Denver Renaissance hotel on Quebec St. is open to the public and it is very cool.

I'll be volunteering for various things, moderating panels etc., and teaching a workshop:" Stealing from the Best: A Sample of Different Writing Methods To Find the Best Method for You" with author Rebecca Bates at 8:00am Saturday Sept. 21.

I'm pretty sure our awesome associate editors, Nikki Baird and Chris Devlin will also be attending.

See you there!

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j.a. kazimer said...

Looking forward to seeing all of you!