07 March 2017


We are still basking in the glory of the new issue of Electric Spec. Have you checked out the fabulous free fiction yet? What's your fave? The 'aiei of Snow? Quintessence? The Improbable Library? Crawlers? General Notice to Off-World Visitors? I must admit I really enjoyed all of them.

We've been getting tons of nice feedback (including from staff members)...
The best story I've read in at least a year!
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Anonymous said...

I loved "The 'aiei of Snow"! So much that I had to write to the author to tell him so, something I rarely do. It's one of the best short stories I have recently read, and I immediately shared it with friends.

I love the story's take on magic -- it felt fresh to me, a new way of looking at the world, even though it has echoes of more familiar approaches to magic. The references to the changes the world has undergone, such as the driving out of the elves, made me want to know more, and yet I have to acknowledge that the story contains as much info as it needs to. I cared about Tokori and his family. The ending was both moving and satisfying.

I am always especially moved by sincere expressions of care and compassion in stories, as in real life. As Tokori's story ended, I found myself wondering "Why didn't I write this? My stories need some of what this one has." When I find myself thinking that, it usually means I have found a very special story.

I'm excited to read more from both Dave D'Amico and Electric Spec. Cheers, all!