02 October 2018

Hello Goodbye

We're hard at work on the neat November 2018 issue of Electric Spec. At this stage this involves reading the stories people are kind enough to submit to us. (Thank you!)

I read a story recently that had extended 'Hello' and 'Goodbye' scenes. These scenes seemed very realistic in terms of dialogue. Unfortunately.
I challenge anyone reading this to go to a crowded spot and listen to people talking. You'll hear a lot of Hey's, Um's, So's, and similar words. Talking in the real world is a way to communicate and emotionally connect with other people but, generally, it's not efficient. Sometimes the actual words don't even matter because just showing up matters, participating matters, nonverbal communication matters.

Dialogue in story world should not be realistic. It should be fictionalized. Dialogue in a story should convey plot information, help build the fictional world, and it should characterize the speaker. It should be efficient. Words in story world do matter, because the words on the page are the only way we can communicate and connect with the reader. Every word is important.

The submission deadline for the November issue is fast approaching: October 15, 2018.

Send us your stories laden with unrealistic dialogue! :)

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