06 November 2018

tales from the Production meeting

We recently had the Electric Spec Production Meeting. It went well. It was difficult, but we picked five stories and some cover art. This means all authors in hold-for-voting should hear back from us early this week--if they haven't already. We assigned editing tasks. For your information, usually editors pick their favorite stories to edit. So, this means authors get an editor that is very enthusiastic about their work. :)

We will have a story from Editor Nikki in Editor's Corner Fiction. And, in a first, we will interview all the editors in the Editor's Corner Interview section. That should be interesting!

We pondered updating the website, but don't have time right now. We pondered putting together some kind of e-book anthology collection of Electric Spec...and decided to revisit the idea in the future.

We had an interesting discussion about how the zeitgeist of our modern culture affects writers. Do we get more dire, depressing stories these days? Maybe so.
But do we want to read dire, depressing stories these days? Maybe not.
Something to think about...

Hopefully, next time, we'll start hearing from authors!

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