24 September 2019

Slush Recommendation

We, the Electric Spec Editors, are starting to get into slush reading in a big way in preparation for the notorious November 2019 issue. Thus I have a particular recommendation...

When you've finished your story, take a step back and ask: What is this story about? What's the main point? You should be able to summarize your story succinctly.

I've read some stories which didn't go anywhere, were muddled, or anticlimactic. Basically, I couldn't have told you what the story was about. It doesn't have to be a big external plot arc. It could be a small internal character arc, such as a decision is reached or a person changes their opinion. The point is: it needs to be something.

Thus, consider asking one of your friends or family to read your story. Can they then tell you what the story is? If not, you may have a problem. But I'm sure it's easily fixable. We all know writing is rewriting.

Good luck!

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